Contact: Volunteer Nepal 2019

Envision a world where the air is crystal clear, families have access to basic health care and education is not just a dream, but a reality for everyone.
This vision is the heart and drive behind The 7 Summits Foundation.With a diverse and passionate team led by AC Sherpa, the 7 Summits Foundation is
championing causes and bringing creatively dynamic solutions to the problems faced by the global community.


7 Summits Foundation (7SF) is organizing a two weeks Volunteering Program all over the world, mainly focusing Nepal and Africa. The program focuses on providing free dental and medical care to local people living in Salleri regiom of Solu Khumbu district. The mobile medical/dental facility is located in Salleri and is staffed by doctors, dentists and nurses from United States of America and Canada.The Coordinator of the program is Mr. A. C. Sherpa, who is the president of 7SF.

Volunteer in Nepal: provides a great opportunity to visit Nepal, help Nepali communities by supporting different volunteer activities and witness an amazing cultural experience. Non-medical & medical volunteers can both participate in this program and contribute for a social change!